The UJET Customer Support Platform Will Digitally Transform Your Customer Experience

Transform the customer experience with a digital and cloud-native customer support platform that empowers customers and support organizations with the right tools, technology, and solutions to create a one-of-a-kind support experience.

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Enable agents to manage incoming calls and resolve issues with care. Monitor network quality and use deflection and redirection to ensure customers are not on hold for extended periods of time.

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The UJET customer support platform aggregates CRM data to provide customer history before connecting. A simple interface combined with actionable, contextual data enables agents to proactively solve issues and improve the customer experience.

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Real-time performance monitoring and actionable data insights allow supervisors to manage and scale teams around the world with multiple language and location support as needed.

“UJET shares our commitment to ensuring that support issues are being resolved with minimal touchpoints and in record time.”

Kevin H.

Vice President of Engineering, Instacart

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Customers expect multiple channels to contact support. Enabling channels beyond voice and IVR, like messaging (web and text), and native in-app support to engage customers proactively. Use mobile device features like user authentication, camera, and more to enhance customer support conversations.

Increase support efficiency by optimizing channel support with intelligent call and IVR queue routing. Add messaging across the website and in-app and let customers communicate how they want. Offer a positive support experience to increase brand loyalty.

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UJET’s multimodal omnichannel platform empowers agents to accurately and efficiently resolve customer issues. Improve the customer experience by connecting customers to the right agent quickly.

Tools like Wait Time Messaging (automated information requests while on hold), photo and video requests (sending media directly to agents), and mobile device authentication (facial recognition or fingerprint security authentication) all help reduce call handle time.

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Use support teams to provide a high-quality customer experience. Transform the customer journey into customer success by engaging on digital channels. Manage agents proactively with real-time and historical reporting.

Assign agents to queues based on customer contact activity, sudden request spikes, or team scaling all without the need for IT support. Streamline agent tools with the UJET platform to improve customer interactions and increase first call resolution.