Mobile & In-App Customer Support Software

Take mobile customer support to the next level with messaging through text (SMS/MMS), rich communication services (RCS), and mobile and desktop webchat while continuing support for voice.

The UJET Mobile SDK offers a cloud and mobile-native, in-app customer support software experience that is perfect for digital natives and more.

Actionable customer data allows companies to customize and improve the support experience through purchase history, support data, and more. Create customized support channels with data intelligence, highly engaged and efficient agent interactions, and continuously optimize the popular support channels for all types of customers.

UJET Mobile SDK for iOS and Android

Cross-platform Support

The UJET Mobile SDK supports Android and iOS operating systems. Companies can offer support to large customer segments using a wide selection of devices. The Mobile SDK supports iOS 9.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above.

Utilize Device Features

Level up customer support by enabling customers to share media, like photos, videos, and screen captures, to agents in real-time. Verify accounts through fingerprint authentication and facial recognition requests. For more nuanced communication, customers can send messages to agents. Information, like emails, addresses, and telephone numbers, benefit from text input to reduce communication misinformation.

Multichannel Communications

Customers don’t want to have to copy a number and open the Phone app to call support. They also don’t want to open a website on the mobile web to message. The UJET Mobile SDK integrates voice and messaging in your app without requiring customers to use separate communication tools.

Customer Diagnostic Data

Contacting customer support through a mobile device benefits the support team. The UJET Mobile SDK reads diagnostic device data containing relevant information like the operating system version, device manufacturer, battery level, and other hardware information. For mobile-only services, this data can help resolve device-specific issues without long conversations.

Personal Identifiable Information

UJET processes your company’s customer information and transmits it to the company CRM. After this data is processed, UJET systems remove customer data except for the assigned end-user Contact ID and database ID. Once the customer support session is completed and the communication data is received in the CRM, the data is deleted.

UJET collects and processes your company’s customer information solely on behalf of and in accordance with its customers’ instructions and does not process this personal information for its own purposes.

UJET does not sell the personal information of its customers or prospective customers. UJET does not share data with third parties for the third parties’ independent business interests, including for their marketing purposes unless you ask UJET to do this or give UJET your consent to do this.

Mobile In-app SDK

Integrate the Mobile SDK into a branded company app seamlessly. Customer support in-app will connect customers to agents on the UJET platform. The Mobile SDK supports VoIP, in-app messaging, media sharing, call deflections, and scheduling calls. For companies with multiple mobile apps, the Mobile SDK also supports multiple, distinct mobile apps separately.


Mobile devices give customers communication channel convenience. Companies can’t offer one, single support channel and consider that adequate. As customer demographics transition to digital natives, offering popular channels increases brand equity.

Support with the UJET Mobile SDK reinforces company positioning by integrating a native experience throughout the app experience. Give customers a positive customer experience by offering voice, IVR, and messaging natively in-app.


Mobile device diagnostics, media sharing, and concurrent communication options give agents the ability to offer high-quality and efficient customer experience. Native in-app support with channel options builds brand loyalty. Smartphones come packed with many features that agents can benefit from.


Customer satisfaction results from positive support experiences. Customer support through a branded in-app call or mobile web conversation should work identically. Mobile devices can collect valuable customer data like device type segmentation, which operating system customers are on, and app usage information to improve support efficiency.

Collected data during support conversations can be used to improve agent training, give product teams actionable data, and create a support strategy for different demographics.