Unified CX for the Smartphone Era

UJET is the world’s first and only cloud contact center platform for smartphone era CX. By modernizing digital and in-app experiences, UJET unifies the enterprise brand experience across sales, marketing, and support, eliminating the frustration of channel switching between voice, digital, and self-service for consumers.

Calling Customer Support

Customer Support in the Past

Customer support has long been considered “good enough” by companies. Instead of evolving and improving like other departments, support teams continue to use multiple and separate tools and platforms that communicate through low-quality APIs. Companies then force this inconvenient experience forward to customers and agents resulting in long issue resolution times.

Providing limited channels, while dismissing modern communication channels, cause companies to lose customers. Customer demographics are changing with digital natives influencing purchasing trends and increasing buying power. These customers live online and expect companies to meet them on their preferred channels. If customer support doesn’t meet their expectations, they find another company that does.

Customer Support with UJET

Customer Support with UJET

Everyone knows what bad customer support feels like. Every customer frustration is a place to add a solution by improving the agent’s toolkit. Every agent frustration is a place to include actionable data reporting for supervisors. UJET takes a holistic approach to providing the best customer support experience possible.

Positive customer experiences happen with the combination of contextual data, intelligent automation, and reliable cloud-native systems. UJET provides all three.

Customer support shouldn’t be “good enough.” It should be reimagined for a connected world.