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Need a Ride?

Call an Uber or Lyft and be on your trip in minutes. Need a car for a road trip or moving? Rent a car through Getaround, Turo, or Zipcar. Scheduling a car is easy and you get access to a vehicle that meets your needs.

What happens when you want to buy or lease your own car? You can do all the online research you want, but eventually, you’re going to have to go to a dealership and have a frustrating analog experience.

Fair recognized this as a painful part of life. Together with a very focused, innovative team, Fair is working to provide a digital alternative to the outdated and frustrating car ownership process.


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Founded in 2016 and based in Santa Monica, Calif., Fair offers a car-as-a-service (CaaS) experience that allows users to get a pre-owned car through an app – either to drive month-to-month, or via a two-year or three-year lease for a slightly lower monthly payment.

The Fair experience is streamlined and simplified too. To complete the leasing process, consumers browse Fair’s mobile app and filter to find the right car for them. They are able to view different makes and models as well as browse mileage and features all within the app.

Once they select the vehicle of their choice, consumers complete the entire leasing process on their smartphone. Fair customers pick up their leased car from a dealership with a Fair Concierge appointment. Most cars can also be delivered for free.

Fair’s car leasing process mitigates a lot of consumer pain points by presenting important information upfront and providing customers with the knowledge they need.

The entire car transaction experience is transparent, with no negotiation, or even physical paperwork. With almost four million downloads and subscribers across the country, Fair’s operation updated the archaic leasing process for the mobile-first, digital consumer.


Car ownership, whether purchasing or leasing, is a complicated process. It involves financial know-how, contract negotiation, and, in many cases, loan financing. At a dealership, all these variables can add hours to the entire car purchasing experience. It’s probably safe to assume that no one wants to spend an entire day at a dealership.

To make things more complicated, each Fair consumer has a different history. With many customer variables, Fair needed tools to monitor potential customers and manage current customers while offering a seamless customer experience within a mobile app. It was important to make sure that each portion of the technology stack was integrated and implemented with the highest level of optimization.

As questions surfaced, potential customers looked to Fair agents and other self-service solutions for help. Active customers have an entirely different set of issues, like billing, maintenance, or vehicle questions. These customers, in particular, bring questions to Fair with high priority and urgency.

Fair drives this customer journey almost entirely through its mobile app. With minimal physical customer contact, the company focuses on a digital customer experience and offering that allows customers to simply and easily complete every task all from a smartphone.

“The perfect customer experience is one in which customers are able to simply and easily do everything in-app.”

Joshua Seek, Fair Data Analyst


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To offer the best experience possible, Fair collects relevant data and looks for actionable strategy through visible trends. It wouldn’t be possible for Fair to host and parse all of this data with in-house tools. Instead, its internal hub connects to several specialized, third-party tools to help make insights clear and organized, while maintaining security and privacy for personal customer information.

Fair also doesn’t silo any of its data from company teams. It keeps PII data secured for the teams that need it, but other customer data is available. This allows teams to get a holistic view of customer communications that come in and how the customer experience is evolving in real-time.

By accessing this data, Fair can actively respond to feedback and implement a strategy that addresses repetitive issues. This support data is a key piece of Fair’s product feedback loop for the rest of the company.

The UJET platform connects to Fair’s internal data systems through Snowflake, enabling Fair to monitor the customer’s stage in the overall customer journey. Unique customer IDs, provided through the UJET platform, give Fair the ability to know who the customer is and where in the process they are.

Fair can then cater their customer experience and create more personal touchpoints. The Salesforce CRM integration supplies case history information, the status and time spent on each support issue, as well as customer satisfaction scores for each inbound and outbound contact.

Information from all connected systems is collected into Fair’s Looker instance for data visualization and analysis so that different teams can gather real-time customer context.

These powerful data visualization enable Fair teams to easily comprehend customer trends and pain points in the customer journey.

Teams use different slices of this data to improve Fair’s entire customer experience, not only the support journey. The Fair Strategy team uses customer satisfaction metrics and voice and chat recordings to deep dive into where customer pain points may exist and devise new strategies to improve those areas of friction.

Fair’s Product team uses UJET data to understand customer interest and intent around new product launches. The internal communications team uses customer support recordings to identify where more documentation and self-service options are needed.

Since all of Fair’s customer interactions occur within its app, it’s important that customers are able to find the solution or information that they want with the fewest number of clicks as possible.

The combination of these systems – data storage, customer relationship management, support platform, and data visualization – contributes to Fair’s dedication to offering a high-quality customer experience and a best-in-class product.

Fair’s focus on iterating and optimizing the customer support journey is largely influenced by the many different verticals of Fair’s business – like software, offering vehicles, registration, insurance, maintenance, and payments.

The Customer Care team acknowledges the responsibility required to support a business like this and strives to provide the most efficient way to connect customers with the right agents and the right context every time.



Fair collects a large amount of data from customers. If presented in its raw form, teams would spend lots of time trying to aggregate, decipher, and analyze the data. Integrations make it easy for teams to find the data that is relevant to them and develop actionable plans to improve the customer journey across all lines of business.

The data and insights gathered, parsed, and presented through these integrations are valuable in improving the customer experience, and Fair continues to optimize the customer journey to sustainably scale for long term business success.

Through this work, Fair will be able to serve more markets without sacrificing quality of life for its customers. Fair’s goal is to further streamline and optimize the car leasing experience and remove the high barrier to entry to the aged loan system.

Fair’s use of data informs the entire company on all aspects of the business. The customer care team isn’t the only one who benefits from the data reporting provided through the tools that Fair uses. Each team has the tools in place to parse through the data collected to improve and optimize respective pieces of the customer journey.


Fair isn’t simply collecting data and letting it sit in storage. Its data ecosystem collects and stores information that has value across the whole company. With detailed and actionable reports, Fair is able to optimize each leg of the leasing experience. The UJET platform, integrated with other tools and systems, provides even more detailed data that can be used to understand nuanced details about Fair’s consumers.

From enhancing and simplifying the agent experience to understanding customer satisfaction and customer intent, the insights that can be produced enable Fair to go beyond “support” and analyze how and why customers use the Fair platform. By driving up the quality of life for customers, Fair makes scalable success a priority.

Fair’s strategy of using mobile as the focal point for the customer journey is a critical component to this strategy. Digitally optimizing the car leasing experience is long overdue. Fair has taken significant strides toward this with its mobile app and by leveraging a highly focused, mobile native data strategy.

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